No Excuses

Finals, holiday shopping, coming home to friends I haven’t seen since summer…excuses, but not valid.

The fact is, I have been baking, but not very successfully.


Delicious caramel brownies…but very, very messy. Impossible to serve unless your guests are like mine and interested in scooping chocolatey, caramely goo from the pan.


A cranberry-almond spiced bundt cake that I made with my boyfriend. It took most of an afternoon and was really fun. The cake went in the oven beautifully and smelled heavenly while baking…



…but due to my impatience, it fell apart because I tried to turn it out of a poorly greased pan when it was too warm. It was still yummy!


And of course, there’s holiday rugelach. Pretty, but nothing new. I added some milk chocolate chips and holiday swirl white chocolate chips to the filling this time.

Here are links to the recipes:

I’m sure if I’d followed them properly by using the right sized pans, and allowing the cake to cool before turning it out the deliciousness would’ve looked lovely too.


My next baking attempts will look good, I promise! I am now armed with a secret weapon…hehehe.


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