Who! Who!


For Christmas I recieved two copies of Hello, Cupcake! 


So I couldn’t not try one of the fantastic creations featured in the book. (A sneak preview of the cupcakes I made can be seen in the background.)

So I baked up a batch of big chocolate cupcakes. Simple devils food from a box mix. This post is so delayed that I’ve forgotten what exactly went into these cupcakes.


A couple dozen halved Oreo cookies later…


The most adorable snowy owls ever!!!


The question was: Who should I feed these to? Who? Who?

My family can never keep up with my cupcake creation rate. At most, my sister will eat one for breakfast the day after I make them and my dad might have a couple. My mom only eats what I make if it contains walnuts or pecans and it’s not too sweet.


Since I made these around Christmas, I had a few groups of friends over. We ate a few, and a few went home to adoring families. My friends’ parents were all very amused by the cuteness of the cupcakes and rather impressed by the taste. Nobody even considered the idea that the cupcakes could have come from a box mix.



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