Rice Pudding!


My roommate is a genius. (And also a bread winner hehe). What do you do with leftover rice when 10 loaves of bread show up in your kitchen? Ask your roommate what to do with it. Then, MAKE RICE PUDDING! Because obviously you will be eating bread with your meals, not rice, for the next week or so.


Apparently I am semi-perfectionistic. Before I make something, I have to find a recipe. So that’s what I did. I found a rice pudding recipe. And I went into the kitchen and started measuring out 3 cups of milk. My roommate found this extremely amusing. It’s rice pudding! You just dump milk in cooked rice, add sugar anddried fruits! And that put an end to my milk mesuring. Instead I snipped dried apricots into quarters.


Apparently I am also easily distracted. So we ended up with lots and lots of dried apricot quarters. That’s okay. We’ll just not use the dried cranberries…and it looked like this:


Oh the beige-ness!

So we added dried cranberries:


Much prettier! Yay.

And since we’re very impatient we ate the pudding while it was stil HOT. Mmmmm….



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