Almond Tofu

My mother occasionally made this dessert when I was a child. It wasn’t usually for a special occasion. It was just a tasty tidbit that we occasionally had a strong craving for. It’s simple enough to be whipped up on a whim since it has only a few ingredients and doesn’t take long to make.

This creamy white dessert is literally translated to “tofu,” but it is definitely more a gelatin. The texture is achieved with agar, a gelatinous agent derived from seaweed.

To make this tasty treat, all you do is add the powder to water, boil it, remove from heat, and add milk. The exact proportions are readily available on the back of the box.

Generally, we consume almond tofu with canned fruit cocktail. The syrupy fruit adds a hint of sweetness, but doesn’t overpower the delicious almond flavor.


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